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Sell house for cash – avoid HIPs


If you are selling your home the traditional way through an estate agent, you are likely to have to produce a Home Information Pack. This is a legal requirement for most homes, and is designed to make the selling process quicker and more transparent. The downside for homeowners is that the reports and information needed for a HIP costs you money – several hundred pounds. Whilst it may make the process easier, it still doesn't guarantee that your house will sell more quickly, or won't fall through if there's a problem further down the property chain.

Avoid HIPs – sell your house for cash

The price of producing your HIPs pack is just another cost on top of estate agent fees, solicitor's bills and removal charges. If you want to avoid the time and money tied up in an estate agent sale, choose to sell your house for cash. This option is a real alternative to a traditional sale – not just because you can sell to your own timetable, but because you don't have to worry about producing a Home Information Pack. That's because you're selling to a company, rather than to another consumer. If the company decides to sell the property on after refurbishment or rental, they may have to produce a HIP for prospective buyers, but you can just concentrate on getting the cash price and quick sale that you need.

Sell your house for cash in a few days

The real benefit of deciding to sell your house for cash is the speed with which your sale can go through. This might be particularly important to you if you're trying to  raise cash for a specific purpose, or you have a moving deadline to meet. The simple nature of this type of sale means that it can be completed within just 7 days if that suits your plans.

The Smarter Choice is a company that's dedicated to helping you to sell your house for cash. We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we try to ensure that you get a written valuation for your property within 48 hours of your enquiry. We offer a guaranteed, stress-free sale for a fair cash price. Call us FREE on 0800 011 4556 now or use our online enquiry form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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