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Fast house sale? Go green!


An article published in the Financial Times has included predictions from property experts that the environmental credentials of a house will become increasingly important to buyers.

This means that a fast house sale could depend on how green your house is – and buyers could be willing to pay more for environmentally friendly properties.

No fast house sale with current Hips
From December 14, Home Information Packs (Hips) – the information sellers must prepare before selling their house – will need to include an Energy Performance Certificate, which will rate homes on a scale between A and G depending on how "green" they are.

Hips have many critics, with some people believing they prevent fast house sales by introducing unnecessary bureaucracy with no benefit to the buyer. But concentrating on a house's energy performance could speed up house sales and bring benefits to both buyers and sellers.

£9K home investment could pay dividends – and lead to fast house sale
The FT said, "The generation currently battling to become first-time buyers is already familiar with the concept of carbon footprints, and property experts believe the environmental credentials of a house will become an increasingly important part of its value to buyers."

It is thought that houses with higher ratings will sell faster and for more. The Alliance and Leicester has predicted that it could cost £9,000 to make an average three-bed home carbon neutral – but it could be money well spent if it results in a fast house sale and a higher sale amount.

Ways to get fast house sale
According to the FT, "Changing lightbulbs and insulating buildings are the easiest and most cost-effective changes to make …. Insulation, double glazing, wind turbines and replacing old boilers with newer versions are all tipped as ways to make a home greener."

And the money spent on such alterations would be recouped in a few years through reduced energy bills – with the possibility of a fast house sale at the end of it.

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