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Leading figures are pointing to a growing wealth of economic indicators that suggest the UK economy will go into recession during 2008 or the following year. And some financial experts believe selling your house for cash now is the best way to start taking advantage of the downturn.

Even after the Bank of England cut interest rates to 5.5 per cent in its December 2007 meeting, an economic advisor was quoted on as saying, "the rise in interbank interest rates means that the risk of a very sharp and prolonged economic downturn is growing by the day." The same website carries a story with the headline "home-loan slump stokes fears for economy".

Falling house prices and recession – a general downturn in a country's economic activity – generally go hand-in-hand. A recession can be the signal for an increase in unemployment, which can affect spending on the high street, and a fall in corporate profits, leading to a corresponding drop in share prices. Put simply, people stop spending – and the economy suffers as a result.

Sell house for cash, buy house for less
One characteristic of a recession is a drop in the prices of some goods – housing being an obvious example. This is why many experts would suggest selling house for cash now and buying it, or another one, back for a lower amount as the market bottoms out. This is an investing trick known as "shorting the market".

Selling your house for cash and renting for the short-term can take advantage of a fall in another price: rent. Rents often fall, or at least stabilise, during recessions because market conditions – more unemployment among tenants – prevent landlords from raising them.

Similarly the price of many big-ticket goods falls – so if you can wait before buying that new TV, you could snap up a bargain in 12 months or so. As people lose the will to spend, retailers are forced to slash prices to get whatever income they can. Similarly, if you are due a new car, fridge, or even something like a fitted kitchen, a recession is the ideal time to buy – especially if you've got money left over from selling your house for cash.

What do you sell your house for? Cash for investing!
It's best not to get carried away by a large cash balance though, especially if you are planning on buying a house in the future. To prevent squandering your money, you may consider investing in the stock market, which frequently falls during recessions.

This means you can invest in secure, profitable household-name companies like Marks & Spencer, BT, British Gas and Shell, at a discount. In many cases the dividend they pay is as much as bank interest, and sometimes more, and when better times return you should hopefully be able to sell your stock at a tidy profit.

In a few year's time you could be richer than you are now – having gone through a harsh economic period. It only takes one step to start: sell house for cash.

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